Verizon Ranks #1 in Performance Review

Verizon wireless has just scored 89.7% in a six-month review of text messaging, call quality, data, speed, and reliability. This review was performed by root and also covered AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Corp.

After struggling with congestion and other technical issues in large suburban areas such as New York and Dallas last year the root review places Verizon wireless back on top for network quality among its peers. It would also appear the Verizon is hot on the heels of AT&T in having the most reliable network, appointed AT&T advertises often. This is clearly become a selling point for Verizon wireless and the company is now emphasizing their network quality as a prime selling point in order to counter the price cuts and service switching rewards of T-Mobile.

AT&T's LTE network still has the fastest speeds available however Verizon Fio's competes well in this area, however they have not been expanding this service and few customers have access to it.

Verizon wireless publicly addressed the congestion and bottlenecks it has experienced in recent months and they have also started expansion into advanced wireless service to supplement network coverages in cities where they have a smaller footprint.

The root also gives Verizon wireless top marks for network coverage across the country. Verizon wireless had the best or tied for the best service in 45 states. AT&T was the best or equal across 16 states. Of the 125 markets tested by root metrics AT&T had much better results on a city level and one or tied first place in over 90 markets on speed.

The call quality award far and away goes to Verizon wireless and the one or tied for first in text messaging, call, and data in over 100 markets.

T-Mobile and Sprint came in last or second to last in every category that was tested. There is also a wide gap in network quality between Verizon wireless and the AT&T LTE expansion. Verizon wireless had a two-year head start on expansion in this area and it is unreasonable to expect either Sprint or T-Mobile to be able to compete in this area anytime soon. In fact $7 billion this year is being spent by Sprint on refitting its Nextel network and on new network construction. This will incorporate airwaves that Sprint acquired in the purchase of clear wire Corp. All of these additions will be combined to offer a service called Spark.

Not to be left too far behind T-Mobile is also expanding a high-speed network and increasing its capacity to offer an LTE package in 95 top US cities. The company reports that $4.4 billion will be spent on this effort which also includes an upgrade to the existing network. It is expected this process will take one year.

The report suggests that although Verizon wireless is clearly in the lead with the expenditures and expenditures planned by its peers this race is not over.