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We specialize in computer repair for small to medium sized businesses. We offer component level repair on PC’s, Laptops, Macintosh, Tablets, Routers, Hardware Firewalls, and more. Before you replace a computer or hardware component let us try and repair it. Although replacing defective hardware is easier for the technician it is often more expensive than a simple repair. Let us save you money.

Need a PC or Macintosh repaired? Is your internet service slow, or is it time to upgrade your office PC’s? GTT CNET will find a solution that meets your business and financial needs in timely manner, then we will install everything for you. Our technitians will come to your place of business and diagnose your tech problems and, if possible, make repairs on the spot. If new hardware is required we will accept delivery and install everything at the client’s convenience. For a complete list of what hardware we repair click here.

Our solutions can range from simple PC repair work to full business solutions for a new office.

Slow comuter isn't always a problem with the PC. It is for this reason GTT CNET has internet service professionals on staff that know firsthand the intricacies of issues that pertain to The Web. For more information on this please read the Internet Providers Guide.

Satellite Internet Diagnostic and Repair

Satellite Internet has its own specific issues that can cause business problems even with the best broadband provider. Although our technicians can’t fix a satellite (yet) we can certainly diagnose satellite connectivity and help fix client side satellite internet issues.

Wireless Internet Assessment and Installation

Wireless Internet can be the best or worst thing for a business depending on the needs of the personnel and security requirements. Let GTT CNET build the best solution for your business that meets all of your goals in accessibility, convenience, and security. If your business data is valuable then your wireless internet need to be equipped to protect it. At GTT CNET we can make sure you are covered.

RansomWare Attacking Internet Users Again

The huge malware cyberattack that has struck an expected 300,000 PCs overall hinted at backing off Monday. Thousands more were affected by the infection on Monday, numerous in Asia, where organizations were initially shut when the ransomware initially started to spread like fierce blaze crosswise over 150 nations on Friday. John Miller, a chief of risk insight cybersecurity organization FireEye, disclosed to NBC News the organization was identifying new forms.

"We have seen a couple new variations turned out and it has really been indistinct if those are by the first creators," he stated, adding that some gave off an impression of being by outsiders.
The malware, called "WannaCry," cleared PCs around the world, bolting up the vast majority of the documents on tainted machines and requesting buy-off installments of $300 to $600 in return for opening them.
The cyberattack affected a large number of organizations as governments around the globe, from healing facility frameworks in the United Kingdom, Russia's inside service, FedEx in the U.S., Germany's rail arrange, a Spanish broadcast communications administrator and real organizations in Asia.

Bill Wilson of Broadband Landing said, "This isn't a new threat but it is much more orginaized and focused now. The tools are old but the abd actors currently using them are much better at it than we have seen in the past.

Tom Bossert, country security guide to President Donald Trump, said contamination rates hindered throughout the end of the week. He included that no U.S. government frameworks have been influenced.
On Monday, the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency Director General Lynne Owens stated, "As things remain, there is no sign of a moment surge of cases here in the UK. "Yet, that doesn't mean there won't be one," she stated, including, "We're trawling through immense measures of information related with the assault and distinguishing designs."

In Asia, the infection spread to huge organizations in Japan and establishments crosswise over China, yet its effect was not as wide as a few specialists already dreaded.

Chinese state media, refering to web security administrations organization Qihoo 360, investigated Monday that more than 29,000 foundations including colleges, railroad stations, healing facilities and corner stores were influenced.
A delegate from Qihoo 360 disclosed to NBC News that 2 million of its 500 million clients in China were influenced by the malware, and that they discharged a unique fix for individuals to download for their own particular assurance.
The malware's spread had been to some degree contained after a British scientist, recognized as Marcus Hutchins, figured out how to briefly end it on Saturday.

Hutchins has been hailed as a "coincidental saint" for halting the spread of the bug, subsequent to distinguishing the area name in the malware infection and buying the site, which gone about as an "off button," as per ITV News.
Hutchins disclosed to NBC News that he obtained the site to track the malware infection — not understanding it would prevent it from spreading further.

Mill operator said one new form of the malware utilized a marginally unique space from the first infection, however that the new area was enrolled also, going about as the off button.

Mill operator said the ebbing of the infection's spread on Monday was to a great extent because of the enlisting of those off button areas, and organizations having sufficient energy to survey and react to the digital risk.
Mill operator cautioned that organizations ought to even now be cautious and that new forms of the infection are prowling.

"I believe it's something that individuals certainly should give careful consideration to right now, it would be truly problematic and sort of resume the vast scale harm if an adaptation was discharged that dodged the off button usefulness completely and was altogether useful," he said.

The malware demonstrations like a worm, discovering security openings in a PC to spread all through a system and abusing a helplessness in Microsoft working frameworks, particularly those with obsolete programming. Microsoft said it has been pushing out extraordinary programmed updates to those more established frameworks so as to piece the infection.

Adam Meyers, the VP of knowledge at cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, told MSNBC on Monday that what made the infection "so perilous" was its capacity to spread without anyone else's input.

"In many past cases you would really get an email. You would need to tap on that email or tap on a connection and you'd turned out to be tainted," Meyers said. "For this situation, it can really spread from PC to-PC independent from anyone else."

Mill operator said that while Europe gave off an impression of being "ground zero" for the malware, regardless they had no unmistakable sign of who was behind the assault.

"There's recently been so much re-spread," he stated, including, "It appears to essentially be a worldwide issue now."

Microsoft President Brad Smith said Sunday that the assault utilized adventures stolen from the National Security Agency prior this year.

"This assault gives yet another case of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such an issue," Smith composed on the Microsoft blog.

A previous senior NSA official who still counsels with the office disclosed to NBC News on Monday that the ransomware pestilence was the consequence of a weakness distinguished and stockpiled by the NSA and that wound up noticeably open when it spilled.

The NSA discharges around 90 to 95 percent of the product vulnerabilities it finds, he stated, however it sits on the rest for use in its hacking and spying exercises. As it were, it doesn't enlighten the general population regarding programming openings that make them helpless against programmers — so it can abuse those shortcomings to keep an eye on nonnatives for the United States.